Q Toys Australian Food Set Of 8


Q Toy's new range of Australian food will ignite young minds, fostering creativity, and cultural appreciation through immersive and delicious playtime experiences! Pretend play can be a fun and engaging way for children to use their imagination and creativity. This set of Australian food can be added to any home corner experience which gives children the opportunity to use their imagination.

It includes 8 pieces of food as can be seen in the images.

This set of Australian food brings the vibrant flavours and iconic dishes of Australia to life, offering children an opportunity to explore, learn, and have fun with imaginative play. Whether children are hosting a backyard barbecue, running a pretend cafe, or exploring the Australian outback, this set sparks their curiosity, encourages cultural awareness, and opens up a world of exciting play possibilities. With this delightful and immersive play food set, children’s imaginations can take flight as they embark on a flavourful journey through the diverse and delicious tastes of Australia!