Q Toys 3D Geo Shape Learning Kit


Looking for a fun and exciting educational activity for your child? This 3D geo shape learning kit is ideal for introducing your young ones to the concept of shapes. This set includes 30 cards along with 6 3D shapes which the children are encouraged to match together. It offers hands-on learning where the children are able to touch and explore the shapes with the corresponding picture.

This activity promotes the development of their fine motor skills as the children match the shapes with the cards. Children can also learn to identify shapes through this experience. This shapes activity also promotes the development of hand-eye coordination, concentration and visual perception as children try to match the shapes together. Children feel a sense of achievement as they match the shapes together. As children identify the shapes, they verbally express themselves thus promoting their literacy and language skills. Children can also identify the different objects on the cards and discuss the colours which promotes colour recognition.

Suitable for ages 2+