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Goody Gumdrops with Ed Emberley


Learn to draw the Ed Emberley way, this book is easy to use and fun for all ages.

Ed Emberley drawing pad book is perfect for families on the go. Sturdy board back makes for easy lap use when travelling, in restaurants, at the beach, the park, in waiting rooms etc.

Goody Gumdrops takes the shape of this sweet treat and turns them into whimsical animals and objects.

Ed Emberley's multi-million-selling drawing alphabet system has never gone out of style. His original series of drawing books has been selling steadily since the '70s. In this new hi-tech world, people young and old continue to feel good about the drawing system Ed created. This feeling of success, combined with his whimsical illustration style, has kept the original books in print and created a demand for more.

  • Paperback, 96 pages
  • Loads of low tech fun
  • Easy to share - rip out pages
  • Easy to use
  • Never needs charging! 
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