Crywolf Rain Boots - Southern Blue


Conquer Puddles in Style with Crywolf Rain Boots! 

Rainy days become epic adventures with Crywolf Rain Boots! Made for jumping in puddles and exploring the outdoors, these boots are the perfect companion for your little adventurer.

Here's why Crywolf Rain Boots reign supreme:

  • Built for Fun: Lightweight and flexible, they let your child move and explore with ease.

  • Durable Design: Hand-formed from natural rubber with reinforced panels, these boots can handle anything your child throws their way.

  • Waterproof Champions: Every pair is tested to ensure they keep tiny toes dry, no matter how big the puddle!

  • Comfy & Stylish: A soft cotton lining with a fun print keeps little feet cozy, while a variety of colors lets your child express their style.

  • Safe & Secure: The high-grip tread provides extra traction, so your child can conquer puddles with confidence.

Crywolf Rain Boots are more than just rain boots – they're an invitation to adventure!

Here are some additional details:

  • Made from natural vulcanised rubber for durability and comfort

  • PVC free and animal free, for a kinder choice

  • Designed in New Zealand