Wimmer Ferguson Mind Cubes


Spark Curiosity with Wimmer-Ferguson Mind Cubes: The Original High-Contrast Baby Toy!

Give your newborn the gift of visual exploration with the Wimmer-Ferguson Mind Cubes!

Trusted by parents for over 30 years, Wimmer-Ferguson is a pioneer in developing high-contrast toys that stimulate a baby's developing visual system.

Here's what makes the Mind Cubes special:

  • High-Contrast Colors: Bold black and white patterns engage your baby's vision at a critical stage of development.

  • Sensory Exploration: Soft textures, ribbons, and a variety of shapes encourage little hands to grasp, squeeze, and explore.

  • Learning Through Play: Numbers, letters, and patterns spark curiosity and pave the way for future learning.

The Wimmer-Ferguson Mind Cubes are perfect for:

  • Newborns and Up: Grows with your baby as their vision matures.

  • Stimulating Visual Development: Encourages focus and tracking skills.

  • Sensory Play: Provides a variety of textures and sounds for exploration.

Made with surface-washable materials for easy cleaning, the Mind Cubes are a must-have for any nursery!