Washi Tape Cutter - Coral Pink


As charming as the washi it holds, Masking Tape MT's Tape Cutter is a simple and delightful way to create the perfect length of washi tape to suit your needs.

The robust design is perfect for the unique texture of washi tape, and adds a dash of colour to your desk in the same way that washi tape adds to your letter, cards, gifts and more.

Made in Japan by a team of people who are passionate about colour, print and design, Masking Tape MT is the original washi paper tape that has propelled humble beige stationery into an innovative design object. Each Masking Tape roll is textured and can be written on, is easy to remove and does not leave stains, offering an abundance of creative and decorative uses.

Size: 35mm W × 25mm D × 88mm H