Spiral Tower Evo Play Eco+


Let's Roll with the Fun: Spiral Tower Evo Play Eco+! 

Calling all little builders and curious minds! The Spiral Tower Evo Play Eco+ is a super fun marble run that's also kind to the planet.

Here's what makes it special:

  • Eco-Friendly Fun: Made with recycled plastic and special materials that help keep the air clean, this toy lets you play green!

  • Colourful Tower: Build a tall and wobbly tower with all sorts of colourful pieces. The big base keeps everything steady, so no worries about crashes!

  • Rattling Surprises: Watch the colourful balls with rattlers zoom down the tracks, making fun sounds all the way. It's like a tiny orchestra for your ears!

  • Learning Through Play: As your little one builds and plays, they'll be improving their hand-eye coordination and understanding how things work. Pretty cool, right?

Perfect for kids 1 year and older, the Spiral Tower Evo Play Eco+ is a great way to spark curiosity and have tons of fun.

Here are some other cool things to know:

  • Made in Italy 

  • Comes with 10 pieces for all sorts of building

  • Big base keeps the tower strong and steady

  • Balls roll slowly, so it's easy to follow their journey

So grab the Spiral Tower Evo Play Eco+ and get ready for some eco-friendly playtime fun!