Olli Ella Dozy Dinkums - Twinkle Fuchsia


Meet Baby Twinkle, Your Snoozing Dozy Dinkum Friend! 

Welcome Baby Twinkle, the sleepiest little friend in the Dozy Dinkum Garden!

This cuddly Dozy Dinkum is perfectly weighted to be a calming companion for your little one.

Here's what makes Baby Twinkle special:

  • Super Snuggly: Made from soft cotton and polyester with a velvety onesie, Baby Twinkle is perfect for bedtime cuddles.

  • Posable for Play: Gently pose Baby Twinkle in different sleeping positions for imaginative play.

  • Always Smiling: Sweet embroidered features and a Dinkum rainbow over the heart add to the charm.

  • Part of the Dozy Dinkum Family: Pair Baby Twinkle with a Petal Dozy and a Dinkum Doll Petal Carrier for even more fun!

Suitable for all ages, Baby Twinkle is a great first friend and a comforting cuddle buddy.

Here's what to remember for safety:

  • Adult supervision is recommended at all times.

  • Regularly check toys for wear and tear.

  • Always follow safe sleeping guidelines.

Baby Twinkle measures 31cm tall and 8cm wide. Bring home the sleepiest cuddles today!