Mio Robot Next Generation


Build Your Own Bot Buddy with Mio!

Mio isn't your average robot! This unique kit lets you assemble your very own robotic companion, packed with exciting features:

  • Obstacle Avoider: Equipped with infrared sensors, Mio expertly dodges objects in its path, just like a bloodhound following a scent!

  • Clap & Command: Train your robot with simple claps for interactive fun.

  • Program on the Go: The easy-to-use buttons on Mio's back let you create custom routines.

  • Coding Made Easy: The free app unlocks a world of block-based coding, perfect for learning programming fundamentals.

  • Real-Time Control: Take direct control over Mio's movements, sounds, and lights through the app.

  • Double Duty Dynamo: With the included marker holder, Mio transforms into a drawing whiz. Or, use the magnet holder to turn it into a metal-seeking master, searching for coins and paperclips!

Designed and developed in Italy, Mio is the perfect gift for budding roboticists aged 8 and up.

  • Supports Science Museum®

  • Box Size: 45.1 x 31.1 x 7 cm

  • Weight: 1065 g

  • Batteries Required (not included)

  • Suitable for ages 8+