Mechanics Laboratory: Theme Park

With over 250 components you can create 20 models including a motor-driven Ferris wheel, a carousel and other crazy attractions- some never offered before in a mechanics kit! Includes an illustrated instruction manual but download the free app and discover an additional 19 applications! The app features 3D interactive directions making assembling the midway rides even more fun. Build the rides you love to ride and discover the mechanics behind them.
Product Features:
  • A scientific kit to recreate a real amusement park, challenge the laws of physics and discover mechanics in an easy and fun way!
  • With over 200 components you can create 20 models including the motor-driven observation wheel, the carousel and other crazy attractions! A further 30 applications to be discovered online.
  • With the incredible Mechanics Laboratory app and its 3D interactive instructions, assembling the models becomes even simpler.
  • The detailed illustrated manual will guide you in building the models in an engaging and fun way.

Suitable for ages 8+

Size: ‎45.1 x 7 x 31.1 cm