Tender Leaf Little Otter Canal Boat


Meet the adorable otter family who live on the river in a beautiful canal boat called “Mallardeau”. Suzy, Skipper and Smudge live on their boat that is named after their favourite mallard duck, who sits proudly at the front at the Bow end. Check out the little fishing rod at the back, and the stripy straw that doubles up as a chimney. The roof is removable and the cabin can be lifted out.

The set includes:

  • wood burning stove,
  • a matchbox drawer,
  • a jam jar lid table with matchstick legs,
  • 3 bottle tops,
  • 3 knitted sleeping bags,
  • a row of vegetables,
  • a millard duck wall décor,
  • a flowerpot,
  • a coffee pot and a jam pot.

Suitable for ages: 3+ years