Tender Leaf Little Garden Designer


Bring the magic of the garden tolLife with this loose parts open-ended play set.

Introducing a play set like no other – this garden-themed loose parts play set is designed to ignite your child's imagination and creativity. With 67 solid wood pieces, your child will have endless opportunities to arrange and rearrange the pieces into an infinite number of garden designs.

From trees to flowers, butterflies to birds, the possibilities are endless. The set encourages open-ended play, allowing your child to explore, create, and use their imagination. 

The set includes;

  • 7 trees,
  • 2 bushes,
  • 2 terracotta flower pots with removable bushes,
  • 3 flower beds,
  • 6 vegetable patch tiles,
  • 4 sunflowers,
  • 14 grass tiles,
  • 6 patios and 6 path tiles,
  • 4 paving slabs,
  • 4 rabbits,
  • a two-part shed,
  • 4 hedge slabs and a pond.

All are contained in a beautiful plywood box with a sliding lid.

Suitable for ages: 3+ years