Fabelab Fabric Cube - Orchard


The fabric Orchard cube is a playful toy for babies. A perfect on-the-go toy to strap onto the stroller, bedside, or car seat to let your little one explore the different beautiful colours, textures, and shapes.

Fabelab's Fabric Cube contains many activities that stimulate the baby’s senses! Everything from soft mushrooms to noisy crackling paper.

Let them explore the wonders of nature with a fun acorn to grab at and crackling leaves to squeeze - there is so much to discover! 

Each side of the cube has its very own texture and design. The Cube lets your little one develop senses and skills and it's the perfect size for a little hand.

Fabelab's products are deeply grounded in storytelling and designed to encourage curiosity and imagination. The products inspire children and their parents to be creative and playful, broadening horizons and encouraging understanding and empathy.

Reusability and upcycling are core tenets of our brand. Wherever it is possible, Fabelab tries to fill their product with corn fibre filling or recycled polyester. They always work to ensure that their products have a dual purpose, which is why many of their products are multi-functional and grow with the child. The multi-functional use and the high-quality materials ensure a long lifespan of every product. Fabelab always design its products based on sustainable materials and beliefs.