Evi Doll Flowergirl Poppy


A special doll to treasure forever and enjoy childhood adventures with.  These delightful dolls are made in the Waldorf tradition using pure wool, cotton and mohair with simple features that allow the child to imagine their own emotions and personality for their little friend.  Poppy doll is dressed in the softest velour dress and carries her own little flower bag, her real wool hair is daintily decorated with a flower crown and she is warm and cuddly.

When a child cuddles a wool-stuffed doll their own warmth is imbued in the doll, and the doll takes on the energy of the child, something a plastic or plastic stuffed doll can never do!

Lovingly handmade by a women’s co-operative in Brazil who specialise in Waldorf dollmaking.

Blossom doll is 23cm high with floppy arms and legs.

Age 3+