Do It Yourself Bracelets - Pop & Colourful


A creative box to make a multitude of colourful bracelets by making the paper beads yourself.

Cut the sheets of printed patterns into strips then glue and wrap them around a stick. The beads that were just made are ready to be passed on an elastic thread to create pretty jewellery. Some can be embellished with the pompoms and charms provided. More than 400 beads to create to make dozens of bracelets. Activity to do alone or to share. The perfect craft to make gifts for friends and family.

Contents: 20 sheets of patterned paper (19 x 19 cm), 6 wooden sticks, 6 elastic threads (3 blue and 3 pink), 6 star-shaped pendants, 6 pompoms, 1 glue stick, and an instruction booklet step-by-step instructions in color.

Suitable for ages 7+