Djeco Rose Tinyroom Tinyly


Welcome to the Cosy World of Rose & Fleur!

Unbox this adorable magnetic box to reveal a miniature bedroom for Rose and her furry friend Fleur. This charming set includes everything you need to create endless imaginative stories:

  • Rose & Fleur Figurines: These adorable little figures are the perfect size for tiny hands.
  • Cosy Bed: Tuck Rose and Fleur in for a good night's sleep under the soft covers.
  • Folding Screen: Add a touch of privacy or create a separate space for playtime.
  • Felt Play Mat: The soft felt cover doubles as a comfy playmat for Rose and Fleur's adventures.

Rose & Fleur's Tiny Room is perfect for:

  • Ages 4 and Up
  • Encouraging imaginative play
  • Developing storytelling skills
  • Creating a magical miniature world


  • 1 Magnetic Box
  • 1 Rose Figurine
  • 1 Fleur Figurine
  • 1 Bed
  • 1 Folding Screen
  • 1 Felt Play Mat