Alphabet Stamp Set


This beautiful stamp set of uppercase letters and numbers comes with 26 letters, 10 number digits,  6 colour stamp pads, and 45 postcards to decorate (15 printed, 30 blank pages). Use this set to make and decorative letters or stationery, or practice recognising letters and numbers for younger children.

The possibilities for creativity and design are endless with this alphabet stamp set.  Create your own postcards to send to family and friends or create artwork, graffiti, or storytelling with each stamping of a letter or number.

This set features easy to grip and hold wooden stamps, as well as a colourful 6 shade inkpad and 15 printed postcards and 30 blank postcards to stamp and decorate. 

Each stamp measures 3cm L x 1cm W x 1cm D. Each stamp pad measures 3.5cm x 3.5cm

Suitable for ages  3+