1-10 Car puzzle


Vroom into Learning with the Number & Colour Match Puzzle!

Calling all little car and truck enthusiasts! This colourful wooden puzzle is the perfect way to learn and play at the same time.

Here's the fun-filled ride your child will take:

  • Match & Learn: Match the colourful cars to their corresponding spots on the puzzle board, learning colours and numbers along the way.

  • Develop Skills: Improve hand-eye coordination while placing the chunky puzzle pieces.

  • Open-Ended Play: Create endless stories with the truck picking up and dropping off cars by colour or number.

  • Ages 18 Months+: Made from sturdy wood for little hands to explore safely.

The Number & Colour Match Puzzle is a fantastic way to:

  • Promote colour and number recognition

  • Develop hand-eye coordination

  • Encourage imaginative storytelling

Get ready for a learning adventure that's anything but bumpy!