Rainbow Picture Frame Kit


Based on the traditional embroidery craft of long stitch, the Rainbow Picture Frame Kit is perfect for kids and beginners aged 6 and up. The design is printed on a heavy, short stitch fabric net so there's no need for an embroidery hoop which makes the project easy for younger children.

After you finish your creation, just fold the recycled cardboard package as per the instructions and turn it into an eco friendly frame which is easily decorated for an added touch of pizazz. Set your needlepoint into the frame and hang it on your wall or place it on the shelf to admire your handiwork. The kit contains everything you need to produce this colourful rainbow including colourful yarn, a stainless steel, round tip embroidery needle and easy to follow instructions.

The completed size of the image is 16cm X 16cm and in the frame 20cm X 20cm.

Suitable for ages 6+