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Scoot 'n Pull is the perfect way to get your tired toddler home. All you have to do is attach your Scoot 'n Pull to the scooter, put the loop around your wrist, and then pull your child along. It couldn’t be easier. All they have to do is steer.

Scoot 'n Pull is great for getting your child home, and keeps them close to you in busy places. Whether in a shopping centre or crossing a main road, you can be sure your child will be near you at all times.

Scoot 'n Pull is light and portable, and takes only seconds to tie to your scooter.

It is made from colourful fabric, both strong and flexible, and can be washed.

It is also a great way of carrying your scooter, providing a very useful over-the-shoulder carry strap to free up both hands.

Scoot 'n Pull is a must-have accessory for all scooter users!

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