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Original Baby Milestones Card Box Set


Celebrate and commiserate the ups and downs of parenting a newborn baby with these novelty baby milestone cards. New parents will love having a chuckle over what’s in store for them once baby is born.

Cards include:

-Last night I woke up Every. Single. Hour.

-I had my head banged into a door frame

-I rolled off the (-change table - bed - couch)

-A teensy bit of my finger got cut off while someone was cutting my nails

-Nappy Explosion! It went (-up my back - down my leg)

-Today I was referred to as the opposite sex

-I screamed all day long for no reason (parents feel free to use this card too)

-Ate (blank) off the floor

-The brakes were left off my stroller

-Today I learnt to climb out of my high chair

-First visit to the ER

-My first poo in the bath

-Someone dropped their phone on my face when taking my picture

-I was fed food that wasn't cooled down properly

-I just vomitted in someones mouth

-Dropped (blank) in the toilet

-Got burnt by the car seat buckle

-I just found my genitals

-Today my parents are hungover for the first time since having me


Each of the 19 humourous milestone cards are A6 size and made from matt finish 400gsm cardstock.

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