Olli Ella Dinkums Dolls Petal Carrier - Fuchsia


Carry Your Dinkum Doll on Big Adventures with the Petal Carrier! 

Little ones on-the-go can now bring their beloved Dinkum Doll bestie everywhere with the Petal Carrier!

This adorable kid-sized carrier lets your child nurture their nurturing side while conquering their day.

Here's what makes it special:

  • Fits Most 34cm Dinkum Dolls: Perfectly sized for your child's favorite cuddly companion.

  • Front or Back Carry: Choose the carrying style that suits your little one's comfort.

  • Comfy & Secure: Padded straps and plush velvet fabric ensure a cozy carrying experience.

  • Easy Care: Machine washable for hassle-free cleaning.

The Dinkum Doll Petal Carrier is perfect for:

  • Ages 18 months and up

  • Encouraging imaginative pretend play

  • Strengthening social and emotional development

  • Creating a special bond between child and doll

With a recommended weight limit of 0.5kg and measuring 20cm L x 15cm W x 6cm H, the Petal Carrier is ready for any adventure!