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Minerals From Around The World


Learn to identify and classify 12 minerals using the mineral guide and magnifier included in the kit. 

Product size : 18.3x12.2x3.5cm 

Packing : Each set in a pvc tray with a foam sheet on top, then packed with a magnifier, a streak plate, a nail and leaflet in a box & shrink wrapped.

No. Mineral Country Color Luster Streak Hardness
1 Snowflake Obsidian United States / Japan Opaque black with "Snowflake" appearance Vitreous White 5-5.5
2 Sodalite Brazil / Canada Royal Blue with some White Dull vitreous to greasy White 5.5-6
3 Amethyst Uruguay / Mexico Violet Vitreous / Glossy White 7
4 Unakite South Africa / United States Range from dark to olive green with a salmon to peach color Dull    Colorless 6-7
5 Rose Quartz Madagascar / Russia Pink Vitreous / Glossy White 7
6 Aventurine India / Chile Dark Green Vitreous / Glossy White 7
7 Pyrite Spain / Peru Pale brass yellow Metallic Brown 6-6.5
8 Tiger's Eye Africa Brown to Gold Silky Gold-Brown Yellow 7
9 Amazonite Australia / Nabia Green to Blue-Green Vitreous White 6-6.5 
10 Hematite Canada / England Silver to Black Dull, Metallic Dark Red 5.5-6.5
11 Citrine Russia / Brazil Pale Yellow to Brown - Translucent Glassy to Vitreous White 7
12 Calcite China / Turkey White Vitreous, earthy White 3
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