Micro Kickboard Monster J/T Volcano Grey

  • For ages 12- adult
  • Fat wheels (fatties)
  • Lean-to-steer surf style action
  • Easy folding action
  • Interchangeable T-bar or joystick
  • Adjustable handlebar height
  • 3 Tough PU wheels for stability
  • Edgy, urban design
  • Max load 100kg

The Micro Monster Kickboard includes all the innovative design features of the original 3 wheel kickboard combined with the fat wheels of the Rocket and features an interchangeable T-bar or Joystick.

It s a high-quality design masterpiece, providing a fast, stable street surf ride, perfect for long carving turns at speed.

Using a similar technique to surfing and snowboarding - the rider uses his/her body weight to lean into turns, curving and carving. 3 fat wheels provide the edge for the turn and a wide surface area to complete the turn smoothly.

Handlebar height: 72-102cm.


This product attracts $20 cost for Heavy Shipping