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Micro Chopper Balance Bike Deluxe - Pink

  • For ages 2 - 5 years
  • Balance bike
  • Develops cycle skills
  • Additional Carve attachment
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Suspension
  • Max load 20kg

The G-Bike Chopper Deluxe is the perfect first bike for toddlers to develop their balance and coordination skills with the extra-wide chopper handlebar and lightweight frame. The new G-Bike Chopper Deluxe has a front suspension and an additional carving attachment as well as the standard back wheel. The front suspension ensures a smoother ride even on rough surfaces.

The carving wheels consist of two wheels attached to a skateboard truck which can easily be mounted to the G-Bike. In addition to the carving action, they provide extra stability and help keep the G-Bike standing upright, therefore making it especially suitable for small kids. For older children, the carving wheels allow them to slide their G-bike for a cool surfing sensation.

Seat height: 34-39cm.

Handlebar height: 60cm.

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