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Make Your Own Volcano by Science and Nature is an easy, safe and fun kit to recreate the spectacular sight of an eruption of a mini Vesuvius in your own home or classroom. Discover fascinating facts about volcanoes and learn more about them in 5 exciting volcano related activities:

  • Make a simple lava lamp
  • Model and erupt a plaster volcano
  • Magma race – how viscosity and lava composition effect eruptions
  • Edible volcanic rock – create your own honeycomb
  • Food fun – replicate a bubbling mud pool

Contents – 150g sachet of gypsum (plaster of paris); 15ml red vinegar; 5g sachet of bicarbonate of soda; plastic vial; cardboard template for cone; gloves; set of paints; brush; goggles; wooden stirrer; drinking straw; full colour booklet with photo-storyboard instructions.

Some activities require common household ingredients, not provided. Age 8 – 14 years

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