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Grimm’s Large wooden Rainbow in natural timber

The large wooden Rainbow is a wonderfully versatile, open-ended toy and represents the element air! Children can sort, stack and build and as they grow and play develops, they might use it as a cradle for dolls, a fence for animals, like a tunnel or bridge for vehicles, as a house for dwarves and dollhouse dolls, or build amazing sculptures… this stacking rainbow can be integrated with all other building blocks, to provide endless creative possibilities and perfect in the imaginary small world play.

Comprises 12 hand-cut wooden pieces.
Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water-based colour stain.
Size: length 35.5-36.5 cm / height 17-18cm.

Grimm’s love wood because it is a natural material so it always has various markings that show up in our products, making each one unique. Grimm’s toys are always one of a kind, carrying unique marks made by nature. Woodgrain has changing structures and colours which serve as proof of its natural origins. The unique variations are proof of quality, not defects.

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