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Author: Museum, National History

Description: Explore the prehistoric world as you colour in each flocked chart. Colour in the prehistoric world with this touch-and-feel colouring book! Meet the plant-eaters, the meat-eaters, the sea-dwellers and the high-fliers as you read facts for every prehistoric creature. Featuring art of the world’s best-loved and most spectacular dinosaurs to colour, from the tiniest Compsognathus to the gigantic Argentinosaurus. Staying inside the lines is easy with the thick fuzzy outlines and kids will love the stylish art they are able to create. Learn more at the back of the book, with a prehistoric timeline and accompanying facts.


ISBN: 9781786031648

Dimensions: 29 and 23.5 cm

Publish Date: 1/05/2018

Page Count: 24

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