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Lift bridges are used around the world to provide access to both cars and ships. The section of the bridge that spans the water is able to be lifted up so ships can pass under it. The truss design is also common, as it enables the bridge to hold heavy, moving loads.

With this kit, you will have the materials to construct a working model of a lifting truss bridge. Made from wooden pieces, it is durable and can be played with, rather than just put on display. It will also help you to understand the forces involved with large-scale bridge construction.

This model is based on the truss design and is suitable for use with toy car and train sets and small figurines. The kit contains 20 pre-cut wooden pieces and other materials to complete your bridge. 

Age: 8+
What You Get
Lift Bridge - Truss Design by Pathfinders. Contains 20 pre-cut wooden pieces that can be used to create working lift bridge, and a set of instructions. Construction of the bridge requires approximately 1 hour. When bridge is constructed it stands 34cm high x 60cm long and 10cm wide.

Parts Included:
  • 20 plywood and wooden pieces
  • Stickers showing road signs and markings
  • Instruction guide
  • Glue
  • Sand paper
  • String
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