Natural Rubber Soothers Twin Pack Soother Large


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Natural Rubber Soothers Round Soother is made using 100% pure natural rubber, moulded into one single piece for optimum hygiene with no joints, cracks, or any hidden places for dirt and bacteria build up. The shield used on this soother is larger than your average soother shield, designed to actually touch a baby’s nose to more closely simulate breastfeeding. The larger shield also helps to prevent babies from sucking the soother into their mouths, and given the high level of elasticity of pure natural rubber, you can rest assured it won't leave any marks on your baby.

  • No BPA,
  • No chemical softeners,
  • No parabens,
  • No PVC,
  • No Phthalates,
  • Single Mould

This soother is far softer than silicone soothers, which means it won't fall apart and it's easy to wash and maintain.

Advantages of a Natural Rubber Soother

  • High level of elasticity and flexibility.
  • Extreme durability.
  • Excellent pull-and-tear resistance.
  • Environmentally friendly disposal.
  • Non-static properties.
  • The Natural Rubber Soother is a green product as it's produced using a sustainable raw material.

What Shape Soother Should You Choose?

Natural Rubber Soothers assist in satisfying your baby’s need for self-soothing while ensuring the prevention of the possible negative effects on teeth and the formation of palates associated with 'thumb sucking'.

  • Round Shape: This shape works better for babies that are breastfed. This is because hen your baby is breastfeeding, the tongue is positioned under the nipple, so using a round shape soother will help prevent nipple confusion. Given that a baby's tongue position never really changes, midwives often recommend starting your baby on a round shaped soother.
  • Orthodontic Shape: With the orthodontic shape the tip of the nipple is slanted to encourage tongue movement against it - as opposed to under it. This shape is ideal for babies who are already accustomed to the orthodontic shape. 

How to Care & Maintain your Natural Rubber Soother

Before first time use, boil your natural rubber soother in water for 2 minutes then allow to cool. Keep in mind the colour of the soother will change slightly during use. It is best that you clean the soother on a daily basis. Replace the soother every 8-12 weeks, depending on how frequently it's used, with the size appropriate for the baby's age.

All Natural Rubber Soothers meet the Australian Safety Standard for soothers, code number AS2432-1991/2008 and are made to conform with the Pacifier Safety requirements by European standard EN1400. Natural Rubber Soothers are also tested by the internationally renowned company SGS for both compliance and also for traces of nitrosamines (proteins that can cause an allergic reaction to latex). Nitromsamines are eliminated during the production of all Natural Rubber Soothers, making them one of the safest soothers on the market today.

Size: Large (Round - Suitable for ages 6 months & over). Twin Pack